Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home and no Internet

Now that I am home I can't imagine anyone is still reading this but if you are you will have to wait for my final wrap up in a few days. This is being typed from my iPhone and it isn't fun. I actually have no Internet access from home, but it should be fixed tomorrow and I thought it was hard on the ship getting net access :) so tune in in a few days time if you like. And I have had lots and lots of cuddles and time with Scarlett. Better than unpacking !!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last blog from London

I have about 2 hours until the car comes to pick me up for the airport, so am having a cup of tea before I sit on the suitcases............
I have managed to negotiate our way around London with only a tube map and a bus site seeing map (not to scale or many streets on it), so it obviously is a pretty easy place for tourists to get around (well centrally in London!)
As long as you have played monopoly you'll be right....ha ha. Actually every block or so they have either tourist maps saying you are here, and from here you can walk to these places in 5 mins or it points you further afield as in The Strand that way and British Museum that way. Very nice and very easy....,
This morning after a leisurely breakfast I made my way to the British Museum to check out the bits of The Parthenon they have and other things. The museum was very nice and if we hadn't just visited Egypt, Athens, Rome, Florence, Istanbul etc it would have been a fascinating place to visit. I still spent maybe 2 or so hours wandering about before walking back to the hotel and making my way down to St James's park to soak up the sun that has finally decided to shine after 12 days of hiding!
When I got to the park I sat in one of the many deck chairs that Katie and I had seen previously, closed my eyes and was then disturbed by a gentleman asking for $1.50 for an hour of sitting, I groggily handed over the money, he handed me a receipt with the time printed on it for when my time was I sat there for the allotted hour!
Well nearly the hour, after watching folks coming past me eating gelati I decided to get some of my own, it has been a few days since we ate any. After getting the mango and cherry I found I still had 10 mins in a chair, so located a new chair and sat and ate, and while doing that I had my chair ticket checked! Lucky I had 5 mins left :)
Hopefully I'll blog one last time when I get home to neatly summarise this experience..........but don't get your hopes up.
Thanks to everyone who commented, that was the first page I'd go to (I have a separate page where I can read comments from). Much appreciated, and to the folks who were reading this from work (naughty) but I know you couldn't comment from there anyway, so I hope you didn't use too much internet reading this!!
This has been fun and writing this has helped (or hopefully will help) me remember all the amazing things we got to do and see. ................
Part of the Parthenon, there was a whole lot more in the museum

There were a few of these sort of things where the heads (or arms etc) are in Athens or elsewhere!

Inside museum, with more stairs to climb :)

Made me think of Ally......she is worshipped too.

The deck chairs

Mango and cherry, mmmmm

Monday, July 25, 2011

London day 8

I actually can't believe we have been here for 8 days, well its not we anymore as Katie is now in Dublin :(
This morning started off at a nice slow pace as we had nothing planned other than to get her packed and off to Ireland. Kayla arrived about 10.30am and after Katie did a bit of packing we wandered up to the markets at Covent Garden so Kayla could buy a jumper, which she found fairly easily, so that was good. On our way back we called into our favourite pharmacy to buy some more cold and flu stuff, this time mine is called All in One, supposed to cure the following symptoms......headache (tick), stuffy nose (tick), fever (tick) , sore throat (tick) and chesty cough (tick). Hopefully we both will be fine in a few is just annoying, nothing major!
As Katie continued her packing she kept throwing more things at me to bring back for her, so after I had done my packing this afternoon so I could weigh it, I think I'll end up with about 45kgs......which may be 5 more than I am allowed, oh well. Guess I'll find out tomorrow how much I really have.
Katie, Kayla and I then jumped on the tube and whilst they were going all the way to Heathrow I decided to go visit Harrods......
I gave Katie a big hug before we got onto the train at Piccadilly, which turned out to be lucky because when we got on it was so crowded that she ended up half a carriage away and not within reach of another hug goodbye. So as I got off we both had tears streaming down.....which we would have regardless I imagine.
I watched the train leave and then wandered into Harrods drying my eyes, I'm thinking not many folks cry on the way in.......maybe on the way out when they see how much they have spent!!
I'm glad I made the effort to see it, Londoner's hate it as far I as I can tell, but it is worth a look. I didn't spend too much time there and probably didn't see half of it, but enjoyed my visit. I did like the door men, but maybe I am still used to the 6 star service from the cruise....
Came back to the room, packed all my stuff (well nearly), had a lovely soak in the bath , first time for that in a while (shower only on the ship!), and waited for a text from Katie to say they are safe and sound in Dublin.....and they are. Gosh I won't see her for 4 months, which even though she has lived in Melbourne for 5 years it is still the longest I have gone without seeing her .....
But I do get to see my beautiful granddaughter Scarlett very soon and she might have a couple of presents from her adoring absent Grandma and Aunty to enjoy. And I get to see the rest of the loved ones as well, yay.....
Tomorrow I'll visit the British Museum and then get on a plane and spend quite a few hours making my way home.
No pics today my photographer has left with her camera and I forgot to take any with the iPhone .........

Sunday, July 24, 2011

London Day 6 and 7

Day 6 :- We managed to get to the Tower of London this morning and
because we were good girls and got there early there wasn't a line up or
crowd to get to the Jewell house and the Crown Jewells. So after
admiring them we then toured the rest of the complex at a leisurely
pace. Walked up lots of towers, across bridges and saw armour and ravens
and stuff! Katie was still not 100% healthy and I was still a little
under the weather so after having some refreshments we ventured to
Oxford St (again) and Katie finally got her track pants and sloppy joe
in preparation for the 'sunny' weather of the next 3 months for her :)
We returned to the hotel for a nanna nap in preparation for our Lion
King performance that night. The sun had even shone a few times that
day, so it was nice to see it for a change. The Lion King was one
musical we hadn't seen before and we were pretty thrilled to have
watched it in London, it was great .........can now tick "West End show"
off the list..........
Day 7 :- Today we woke up feeling a bit better, so while the aches have
basically gone we now have a cough and occasional headache, never mind.
Katie's flatmate and travel companion for the next part of her adventure
(Kayla) has now arrived in England and joined us today for our sightseeing.
First up early was a "Royal Day Out" at Buckingham Palace, this
included a tour of the Queen's Gallery ( was displaying Dutch artists),
a tour of the Royal Mews and then followed by a tour of some of the palace.
The gallery wasn't very exciting, so we got through that and headed to
the Mews where we saw some coaches, a rolls royce and 4 of the Queen's
horses who had very nice stalls! Next up we queued to get into the
palace, the line moved pretty quickly as it was about 40 mins to the
changing of the guard and most folks stayed outside the fence to watch
that . The tour went through the throne room and other impressive rooms
and also displayed Kate's wedding dress and cake (today was the opening
day of the Palace for the season and so also the 1st day Kate's dress
was on display). The cake was pretty impressive, and the dress had a
tiny waist! We then had morning tea in the palace gardens cafe before
heading back to the hotel via the park to see if we could show Kayla a
squirrel. Even though the park was packed we managed to find one for
her, yay.
Next stop was a trip to the London Dungeon, which was a "tour" of about
2 hours through a "haunted house" type of set up, visiting different
bits of history, like Jack the Ripper, The Traitor's gate, Bloody Mary,
torture chamber etc. It was dark and had a couple of rides and we
totally enjoyed it, some days the queues can be over 90 mins but we got
through fairly quickly, less than 20 mins queue time...............
As Shakespeare's globe theatre was only about a 15 min walk away we
thought we would check it out, we only saw the outside and continued on
walking to the Tate. (modern art)
Whilst Katie and I are fairly museumed out after 2 months, Kayla would
have happily spent all day there. We did visit all 5 floors and see a
bit, and I could even name one artist when I saw a painting (Pollock,
and yes most of you would have too..............but still, being art
illiterate I felt good)
Made our way back to the hotel and then went and had Italian for dinner
and now we are stuffed and tired and Katie and Kayla fly out to Ireland
tomorrow for the start of their big adventure.............Katie and I
managed 2 months together without a problem but I'm sure she's ready to
have some fun with her young folks tours (Contiki and others) !!
I have a day and a half in London alone, with quite a bit of that time
used in trying to pack all my stuff I imagine...............but am
planning on visiting the British Museum to finally see all the stuff
that was stolen from the Parthenon and elsewhere we visited on the cruise :)

Yet another cannon, but it is pretty!

Us at the Tower

On a seat outside the bathroom at the palace :)

Queen's Rolls Royce

Coronation Coach

Friday, July 22, 2011

London day 5

Very quick blog today......started today with a very small breakfast for Katie because yesterday's lurgy hadn't let her sleep very well and she was feeling very achy and ill :( 
As we were intending to go to the Tower we were up early and as we were going down in the lift I looked at her and decided that she looked not very well, so when I asked if she was ok, she answered no, so we went back to the room where she went back to bed for another few I wasn't 100% I joined her in sympathy and laid down with her.
She finally woke up around 1 ish and by 3 felt that she might be able to do the London Eye after we had some food. The Eye was only about a 10 or so minute walk and after exchanging our tickets we were in the queue....I think we picked a good time as the queue kept moving and only spent about 10 mins in it. Katie did ask me how I was cause I do hate heights, but after the Burj and Masada I think I am getting better. I told her I just don't think about it, as in, I don't think about it falling, or a thunderstorm stranding us, or it breaking down etc etc etc!!
Luckily none of that happened and it wasn't as bad as I thought......except for one little bit going up where you see the rest of the wheel coming, but by the time we were at the top I happily put my head on the glass side and looked straight down. But if you really really really hate heights I wouldn't do it. I would do it again though so it can't be that bad :)
We walked back to the hotel after getting off with a quick stop for a photo shoot with Darth.......(and yes it did cost whatever coins I had, which wasn't much)
Hopefully with a good sleep and some panadol Katie will be better tomorrow, as we still have our Tower tickets and Lion King for tomorrow.....not sure if we'll get to the Dungeon (but better for her to be healthy for her next 4 months).

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

us :)

Our turn on top

Darth, his dad lives in Adelaide...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

London day 3 and 4

Exhausted would be the word of the day...........yesterday we went shopping on Oxford St and then wandered down to retrieve the missing bag and were happily reunited with our stuff, (not that any of it was exciting) but nice to know we had it. This was followed by stuffing a suitcase with about 12kg of clothes, mostly 2 big bathrobes from our ship tour and wheeling it down to the post office and posting it back home! It is due to arrive a day or so before me :)

We then came back had some lunch and wandered into St James park where we were entertained by squirrels, geese, ducks and other assorted animals. A man gave me a peanut to feed a squirrel with, very cute. Katie and I are now experts at putting up our umbrellas at a moments notice! After exercising a fraction we came back to the visitor info centre and booked a show, The Lion King, which is actually one we haven't seen, we get to see that Friday night. We also booked The London Eye, The Tower of London, The London Dungeon and our Original Bus tour. I had previously booked a tour of Buckingham Palace a few months ago, so we now have plenty of things to do!
We ate a a lovely Thai restaurant where either Charles Dickens used to eat or it was one of the very few buildings that didn't burn in the Great Fire (if it was stone), Katie and I couldn't remember which one as our driver from Dover had pointed it out a few days ago and as he had pointed out a lot of things we have melded them all together........
Fell into bed for an early start today for our hop on hop off bus tour. We took the yellow route for a sight seeing around the place, passing (in no particular order), statues of everything!, well the Duke of Wellington, Archilles, Nelson, Fuchs etc etc, also Park Lane, Pall Mall, Whitehall, Piccadilly, and a few more from the monopoly board (we are staying on The Strand). Also saw Elton John's penthouse, Maggie Thatcher's, the Queens :), The PM's........and all the other sites you could name as being "London" (Ok not all of them - we weren't on the bus for a week) We then changed routes and went out to Kensington to the 3 museums there, first stop was The Science Museum, then the V&A (for lunch) and finally a lovely look at the Natural History Museum. Being all museumed out and both of us with a ticklish throat we hopped back on the bus and saw the sites again, but with a different guide. We were going to go on a quick Thames River cruise which was free with bus thingo but after sitting on dock I decided I couldn't handle another commentary, and we will get one on The London back in room while we have a rest before deciding on dinner and if up to it might do The Eye tonight........

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

London Day 2

Actually can't remember what I blogged yesterday so I may repeat myself
Started the morning by needing to be out and ready by 10am to get to our
Stonehenge tour which was going to go from 11am to about 10.30 at night.
But I also had to find if and where my "lost" bag was and after about 6
phone calls I managed to locate who might have it but they had only just
got the bags that had been left at Dover so they would ring me if they
had it, and one lucky thing was they had the bags in London not Dover.......
That sorted we wandered off to breakfast which was included , choices
were great. I had porridge and toast and a lovely cup of tea! Katie had
a cooked breaky of eggs, mushrooms, toast and tea....
We then ventured to the tube to get to our tour meeting place and we
were early, but after 2 months of touring we are used to waiting around. After
getting on our bus with 48 others we were on our way to our first stop,
Bath to see the Roman baths. It was about 90 mins there and of course
raining but most of the complex was indoors, so it didn't worry us.
The scenery there was lovely and our tour guide Steve was one of the
best we have come across. Very funny and so knowledgeable, the time
flew. After touring the baths we had a bit of spare time to check out
some shops before boarding the bus and heading to the village of Lacock
to have a late lunch or early dinner (it was 4.30pm). The pub we went to
was built in the 14th century so was interesting and I had fish and chips and a pint of ale!! Katie also had a pint and a vego lasagne, both of us felt stuffed
afterwards. The group then went for a walk through the village with
Steve pointing out the different types of architecture and the whole
village is heritage listed so it was delightful. Some of the first 2
Harry Potter movies were filmed there, so for those interested, we saw
the house where Harry was born, the cloisters of Hogworts and some other
places (all lost on Katie and I).
After leaving there we drove through the amazing countryside of The
Cotswolds before arriving at Stonehenge around 7pm. Because we had
booked a special tour the site was closed and there were none of the
5,000 or more odd visitors left ,only our bus and we had the very rare
privilege of being allowed inside the stones. Our guide told us that
usually our group size was 20 and that there would be only 60 people a
week who did what we did. Steve had given us a rundown on what
Stonehenge was used for and what are myths........and when we were there
there were some archaeologists doing some germo thermal imaging of the
site and the barrows and they are still exploring  and excavatingWoodhenge and the surrounds. Katie and I both loved it and I'll be reading more about it
We left about 8pm and were entertained by Steve all the way home, he
could just look at a thatched roof and age it, he loves his history and
it was nice to have my last tour of many on this trip a good one. Our brains were so full of facts they hurt!
We fell into bed around 11pm or so with plans for the next day of rescuing my small bag (if they had it, I did miss 2 calls from them so was hopeful), finding
out how much and how to "post" a suitcase of clothes home and to check
out more of London the next day.
From my iphone


Main pool

Katie overlooking an excavation

A pig near the church in Bath


Our pub

Monday, July 18, 2011

London Day 1

Well we are off the ship and now in London. Day started off early enough as we had to vacate room by 8am, we had our final breakfast and then waited until our time to disembark which was 9.15. We sadly walked down the gangplank for the last time to be greeted with cold wet windy rain........and after collecting our luggage we found our car driver who was driving us to our Hotel. The trip took around 90 mins and as it was around 11.30am we dropped off our luggage, put up our umbrella and went in search of lunch. Had lunch then wandered down to Trafalgar Square (2 mins from Hotel) and to stay dry and warm we went into the National Gallery and had a quick look around at the paintings. It was then time for us to check into our room, very nice and 3 times the size of our cabin!
We spent the afternoon unpacking and Katie did a lot of internet catching up as we have free internet in our room. When we got here they offered us a room upgrade (for a price of course) and I took it.......who knows if I will ever get back here again!
After relaxing for a few hours I decided I needed some cotton buds and imagine my shock when we realised that we had left one small blue zip up Coles bag (like those green bags) back on the dock.........We had sent 4 bags down the night before all tagged and were carrying four off this morning (just small ones), so when we got to the luggage area we saw our 3 big bags, already had 4 with us plus handbags , and completely forgot the 4th small one.....
So at 6.45pm, went into a slight panic trying to find a phone number to call.....rang 3 different numbers and all were closed for the day . Finally found one to leave a message on, so hopefully will get hold of them in the morning before we go on our Stonehenge tour at 11am (need to leave hotel at 10am).
Funny thing is is we can't really think what was in the bag.....well cotton buds and cotton balls, some toner, 2 dresses of Katie's, some Limoncello and hopefully not too many  "presents". But am confident it will be returned tomorrow, that way I can sleep tonight :)
Anyway we then went out and bought some bread and cheese for dinner and we are having an early night................stay tuned.

Trafalgar Square

Nelson's Column

A bath, how exciting!

Our room, we have a view of the Thames

More room

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 51 Sea and day 52 Le Havre

Katie with Vincent and Leo with traditional last day Bombe Alaska
Bombe Alaska cut and served
For Glenn (my boss), this famous Perret was an architect who designed much of Le Havre after the war
Our 2nd breakfast and the coffee was actually black
Macaron shop
Nice park in town
Wine and our french menu
Outside lunch venue
Our assorted macarons
Overcast and drizzling for the last 2 days, so we didn't get to top up
our tans and will return to Australia white and pasty after a week in
London! Yesterday being the last sea day we did the usual morning and
afternoon quiz where we said our goodbyes to Carmen & Neale and Barb &
Steve our quiz team :( Carmen & Neale are from NZ and are also getting
off in Dover while Barb and Steve are going all the way, lucky things.
We also had our cruise critic farewell lunch and then we went to the MDR
for dinner to say goodbye to our dinner companions and our fantastic
waiters. It's all very sad, but we have lots of email addresses and tons
of fabulous memories. Hard to believe we are fare welling our little
cabin after 53 days , our bags are packed and have been whisked away,
they couldn't hold enough so we are carrying some off by hand!! One of
our first London chores will be sorting things out, buying a new
suitcase and sending stuff home by sea. (and I actually have 40kgs of
luggage allowance on way home) .......not enough.
Today a lot of people made the 3hr trek into Paris but Katie and I
decided against it and got off the ship around 9am and went to the
visitor info centre on the dock to find that it being a Saturday we had
missed the train/bus to Honfleur. Not deterred we decided to walk into Le
Havre and check it out, sadly like a lot of other ports we had visited
much of it had been destroyed by bombs during the war and was quickly
rebuilt in the style of the 50's and 60's, square utilitarian stuff. Not
as pretty as some places but done quickly from necessity, there were
pockets of old buildings and they are gradually greening up the city but
none-the-less I think it had a charm all its own. Seeing it was raining
on and off and windy and overcast, even if we had got to Honfleur it
wouldn't have been at it's best either.
The walk to town took about 25 mins, and was signposted all the way (as
were other ports), and as the shops didn't open until 10 we decided to
do the French thing and have a croissant and espresso for breakfast
(despite having breakfast on ship about 90 mins previously). I don't
normally ever have black coffee but really enjoyed it, the croissant
probably helped......pastry mmmmmmmm. As you may have noticed from the
photos we ate a lot over the last few days, I even went to weigh myself
this afternoon in the gym but the scales had gone, which may have been a
good thing. Though 3 days ago I was still a fraction lighter than when I
got on, but think that may have changed in the last 2 days!
After our le breakfast we found an indoor shopping centre and spent time
there going from shop to shop trying to find Katie a pair of jeans. They
were all cheap at around 20 euro, and after about 14 pairs in 8
different shops we found a pair that fitted perfectly, yay! We then
wandered around for a bit in the drizzle, I had an umbrella and Katie
her hood before decided to head back to the ship and find a cafe on the
way back for lunch. As luck would have it we stumbled across a macaron
shop, we had been looking in all the bakeries for them so were really
happy to see a whole shop in a little town dedicated to them only.
After purchasing some we then found a little cafe and ventured in to
find we were the only ones there and were served by a lovely lady who
also cooked the food. The menu was in French and because we had been
practising all day in the shops we just about had it all sussed out when
she offered us the English version, she spoke little English and we
slaughtered our 6 french words, so all in all somehow it worked out
fine. We had a crepe each which from the photo doesn't look nearly as
yummy as it was. One had 3 cheeses, Roquefort, Camembert and goats
cheese and the other had Camembert, fried onion and walnut. We shared a
pitcher of Rose` and then spent the walk home practising our
French......................well we put le in front of most things in a
terrible accent but it kept us amused for a long time (sad but true).
Got back to the ship and Katie had a nap while I did a last laundry run,
and then we went to say goodbye to two lovely older ladies we met on the
first day who Katie has helped with emails. We finished the bag packing
and put them outside our door, then we went and had pizza for dinner
with Dale, Margaret and Dan.
Katie has now gone off to say one last goodbye to her friends and I am
about to use up the last of the email minutes I purchased. We have to
vacate our room by 8 o'clock tomorrow and are scheduled to disembark at
9.10am. We might even get to see the White Cliffs of Dover :)
Shall attempt to keep this going while in London so I at least have a
vague idea of what we do each day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 50 sea

It finally had to happen, the weather turned nasty, not too nasty but
not good. It was a cold grey overcast day, with maybe the same tomorrow
and then rain for France and drizzle for England (what a surprise). As
it is one of the last sea days everyone thought they would spend it up
on deck topping up their tans before they disappear, but it wasn't to
happen ........we all had to dig in and find warm clothes!
So today was spent trying to get to the laundry and eventually getting a
machine, I even sat in there waiting for a change, but I didn't mind
cause I had a book and with the dryers going it was nice and warm.
I also packed one suitcase full of nick nacks and stuff, and I have yet
to start on the clothes and shoes and other things (yikes) , it is going
to be ugly! I also have to carry Katie's Turkish tea set, which uses up
a carry-on all of its own, I really am a nice mother :)
Tomorrow I might start on the clothes packing as we have to have our
bags out the night before and that way I can relax (or panic) on our
last day at Le Havre. Though if the weather is yuk, we may not even
bother going to Honfleur. One good thing the Captain did mention was
that even though the weather isn't the best we have again been really
lucky with the sea as we are now in the Bay of Biscay and it is usually
quite rough, but not for us! Well not so far...........
Not even any photos to brighten up this post, sorry about that. We
have to put our clocks forward an hour tonight and then back again either
tomorrow or the next night, glad I only have 2 watches to worry about.
My computer is still on Melbourne time, so while it is bed time here ,
it is waking up and going to work time back home.............which will
be me soon enough :(

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 49 Lisbon

Square near waterfront
Neale and Carmen
Ray and Paula
Us in our attractive headgear!
Resting halfway for photo stop
Me gripping tightly
Sangria mmmm
A very pretty street
mmmmm again
Opposite where we docked
What a beautiful city to sail into and out of, we sailed in at 12pm and
out again at 8pm, sun shining, breeze blowing, a very pretty view both
sides of harbour......
Problem being for Katie is that now we have left the smooth sailing of
the Med and are now in the Atlantic so its back to taking medication
for her and rocking beds for us (which I like).
We had a lot of fun in Lisbon as can been seen from the pics (also check
out Ray and Paula's blog for more pics). There were 6 of us, Carmen &
Neale and Ray & Paula, both couples from NZ, so for once Katie and I
were out numbered. We all got off together and had a pleasant walk of
about 15 mins up to the centre of town and the Go Car office, the man
there was so helpful and nice and before we could think about it we were
off. For some reason I got to drive ours, which had controls like a
motor bike, which I've never ridden and we had to drive on the right
hand side of the road. Luckily we drove in the middle of the 3 in our
little convoy , with Neale in the lead and Ray herding me along! We
drove for about 90 mins I think and Katie, Carmen and Paula would be
able to describe what we saw cause I was concentrating so hard I
wouldn't have a clue! There was normal traffic as well as tram lines,
cobbled streets, potholes and traffic lights to negotiate, while
listening to an audio commentary and well as
trying to keep up with Neale & Carmen and not go too slow for Ray &
Paula behind me. The only time it got a bit confusing was the left hand
turns but luckily I had Katie to remind me to go right across the road
to be on the right and not turn naturally sharp left into oncoming
traffic. But we had no close calls and the locals were pretty good with
us and overall it was great fun. I would recommend it to anyone visiting
Lisbon..............Katie did think of having a turn driving at half way
but decided I was doing such a good job, this from a girl who happily
drives in Melbourne with trams (I hate them), and prefers to drive herself.
After our return the 6 of us had lunch, with Neale having a well earned
beer and the rest of us partaking of Sangria (and food). We were full
after that and each went our separate ways to shop.......
Katie bought a new dress and we managed to find a gelati shop where we
had 2 scoops, I had lemon & basil and chai flavours and Katie had chai
and sweet milk flavour. The lemon & basil was yum, as was the chai and
the sweet milk resembled english toffee maybe, all good though.
We wandered about a bit more before returning to the ship around 6.30
and dozing a bit before Katie went up for a dip. We decided that we
didn't need dinner cause we had lunch around 4pm, and Katie has now gone
off with Dan to meet the rest for pizza (she will just watch).
Next 2 days are sea days so may not blog as am running out of internet
minutes, but we shall see. Then its France and we will be doing Honfleur
, thanks for the suggestions, I had read about it but will definitely
do it. Oh and it will be pack, pack and pack and try to get a washing
machine in the next 2 days. And then farewell to friends we have