Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bought some things!!

Last week just after I posted my list of things to buy I found some new message boards with more things I will 'need' on the cruise, which only adds to the thrill of anticipation. With 205 days to go, I am sure I don't need any motivation to keep me excited, but adding to my lists is a sure fire way of wasting time and not doing housework. Next week my countdown clock will be under 200 and when its gets to under 100 then I will start the panicking......
I have already bought 2 of the things from my list, a pop up laundry hamper (in place of the cottony laundry bag from list), which I like already so am using now for practise, so guess I'll have to buy another one to put away for the trip, I also bought the hangy thing for bathroom.
I should really add clothes to my lists because I hate clothes shopping and that is the area that I will be most stressed about. I always pack far too much even for a weekend visit to relatives, so packing and buying for over 2 months away is going to be a big challenge. Lets hope the stress of it all makes me lose some pre-cruise weight!!! ha ha

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keeping my 3 official followers amused

Thought it a good idea to try and write a new entry at least once a fortnight leading up to the trip.I don't want to be voted "the most boring blog ever written" . Hopefully now that Katie has finished Uni (hooray) but sadly not work, she may find time to write amusing things in here, I did make her an author as well the other day while I was working my way around this site.
While a lot of people tick off places around the world they visit, I'm looking forward to Darwin as it will be my Autralian place to 'tick' off as being the only state/territory that I haven't visited. But in 10 months time I will have a few world places I can 'tick' off as well!
I came across a couple of lists I had written down of things that I will need to take with me as advised by many seasoned cruisers and decided to put them here now and then see how many I do take and how many I do use and how many other things I wished I had taken. (and this will also change the lists from scraps of paper to something more, organised......)
So in no particular order :- magnets, zip-lock bags, cotton scarves, binoculars, post it notes, hair conditioner, coffee mugs with lids, clothes pegs, rain poncho, power board, hangy thing for bathroom, night light for same, cottony bag for wet laundry, highlighter, soft pillows, sunlight soap, stretchy shopping bags. Now the list isn't comprehensive (and reading it now it looks quite small!) or a stocktake of what I will take and because I have to travel back by plane I'm hoping to donate things like the power board to the cruisers who will be joining at Dover or elsewhere who also aren't going all the way around.
But for now it is my 1st list but I'm sure it won't be my last.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Added some pics

Well I am starting to get a basic idea of what I am doing, very basic mind you! I have added a couple of pictures, so it didn't look so bland. I do tend to "waste" time researching all the different ports we'll be visiting and deciding whether to do Princess Tours or our own. At this stage a fair percentage will be with Princess, but have already arranged a private tour of Mumbai in an air-conditioned car with own female tour guide. The hardest part so far is thinking of what to pack as I have to fly home....and the easiest part is the thinking about how exciting the whole trip will be. With 7 months still to go I can't imagine how excited we will be the day before we board.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Blog

OK this is a first for me, 1st time I've blogged, 1st time I am going on a cruise and 1st time I'll be going overseas. There is still 7 and a bit months until I leave with my daughter,  so hopefully by then I will have mastered this blog to make it interesting for the family and friends who have to stay behind and winter in Australia! I suppose they will expect photos and other things, I'll be happy to just get this text in the blog.........